“The river catchment -also called river basin or watershed- has become the basic unit of planning for a future sustainable society since the Water Framework Directive (WFD) was adopted by the European Union (EU).

The aims of the WFD are to protect and enhance the status and condition of all water bodies and to ensure that water resources are used in an ecologically sound and sustainable manner. All EU member states and authorities are currently implementing, or in the process of constructing a framework to implemement the WFD for the management of water resources. Hence there is an urgent need for skilled professionals.

The European Master’s programme ‘Ecocatch’ will give you this expertise!

We will teach you to become acquainted with the objectives of the directive and familiar with the various environmental conditions prevailing in different parts of Europe. Most uniquely, you will learn to integrate the effects of all the different ecosystems that the water passes through on the way from the source to the sea. You will collaborate with students from different European countries, learning from each other and enjoying studying together. Part of your study will take place in a different European country, providing you with a great experience. The different institutions, participating in this European Master’s programme, are specialised in different aspects of the ecological management of catchments. Using these specialities, a multidisciplinary approach is offered to give you a holistic perspective and understanding. This prepares you to serve as a future manager of water resources and other natural resources within the European community.

This programme was developed with the aid of the Socrates programme of the European Union.